UPA remastered

Several years ago a Sr. Art Director remarked to me: “your work looks like Gerald McBoing Boing”. I laughed (but not really comprehending) having only heard of G.M.B. as it was kinda before my time. After researching G.M.B. & UPA I realized that I was standing on the shoulders of giants! Who the heck WERE these guys whose style I LOVED and had unknowingly co-opted 50(?) some years after their original creation? So I was super thrilled when TCM and Sony Pictures offered a set of re-mastered UPA shorts including “38 theatrical cartoons from the most critically-acclaimed cartoon studio of the 1950s.”!!

This’ll surely be mind-numbingly boring to my 10 y.o. who was weened on Harry Potter, The Madagascars, anything post ’01 Pixar, etc. But for me it’s solid gold because now I could see what inspired the guys who inspired the guys who inspired ME!

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